Engage South KC is dedicated to being an incubator for ministry in a variety of forms. Below, you will find some of the ways we will be doing ministry in South KC.

Engaging in Intentional Discipleship

Discipleship is a journey of growing closer to Jesus and encouraging others to do the same. This takes place at all ages. We believe that happens best through one-on-one relationships, Bible studies and Engage Groups (small, intentional gatherings of people).


Cultivating Community

Our space will not just dedicated to Sunday morning worship. Our vision is to be an incubator for businesses that serve our community. By space sharing with these budding businesses that engage people in their daily lives (like coffee shops, art studios, counseling centers, dance studios, etc.), we are giving the community a reason to be in our space outside of worship times. And we’re cultivating community.


Committing to Missional Outreach

What happens when we participate in tackling big issues facing our community and the world in Jesus’ name? Well, we believe it inspires hope in us and others. Further, we believe that big issues will become small if we address them with hope and together. We want our community to know that we will tackle any issues that are brought to our attention.