Like the seeds that fall on good soil and begin to grow, we live our lives stretching out to God… because it matters if we don’t. We live our lives reading the Word and putting the Word into practice because it matters if we don’t.  

Matt. 13:1-9

Psalm 119:105-112


At Engage, we creatively tell the story of Jesus in worship. And ever with our eye on the cross, a symbol of Jesus’ love for us all, Engage South KC is a place where those who have never met Jesus before, those who have known Him a long time and those who are getting to know Him can grow in deeper relationship with Him and together. We invite you to be a part of this community as we continue in work produced by faith, prompted by love and inspired by hope in Jesus.  


Text ONLINE to 833-912-0460 to find out about more online options.  

Text IN PERSON to 833-912-0460 to find out about in person gatherings in the KC Metro.  

Text PRAYER REQUESTS to 833-912-0460 or email  

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